Is it a little empty here?


i mean... there are maybe 10 people who i see who i would call "regular"

the rest ask for a hack and leave :p

cmon, lets have a publicity stunt!
first one to 1337 posts gets a free can of spam! ;)

or a random drawing for some sort of prize, who knows

im so lonely :(

im always on instant messenger so if ya wanna chat (aim : ImTheDarkcyde)

lol, slowly but main point of starting these forums was mostly to create a section of games for myself/friends. and to cut down on emails I was getting every day. Thus far its served its purpose for that.

Ive looked at logs and each month becomes progressivly more active. Can even see a trend weekly.

As far as promotions....
Take a look at this post:
Also offering games has attracted many users....some of which only play at first and later post a little bit.

oh boy i think browneyedgirl allready started. But since when can you post only a smiley??? I tried that a mon,th ago but forum told me it was to short :p :p

dont get what you mean...

You your post must be longer then like 10 characters...but i wouldnt advise posting stuff that short. Good rule of thumb to follow...if you cant create a good scentence or more then dont post it.

oh now i see it, i thought she only posted that smiley but thats just something else, i thought that sentence under it was her signature. Ok srry my mistake ;)

no, its cause she put a simly in the title line.

no its such a "post icon" if you press reply, under the box where you can fill in your reply there stand "post icons" like now i have chosen the thumb up, and it adds it automaticaly above the message.

yey i won. I knew something Matrix didn't knew (or i misunderstood you :p )
yea yea yea party :D
Free beers HERE!!!

Lol j/k