i love bees



ok im sure you all know this www.ilovebees.com thing... right?

if you dont heres a quick run down:

during the halo2 theatric trailer for a few frames it showed the url "www.ilovebees.com" - the site

from there you learn its been "hacked" and all sorts of funky shat is happing
the person who "runs" the site has a blog and everything

i find the entire thing really creepy.. its kind of like the donnie darko website.. but it scares a part of me, lol, its just too weird and unnatural...

here is an excerpt from one of the scattered lines of text on the site put together at the ilovebees wikipedia

"To mend the queen's cuts the Widow took her sharp knife and peeled skin from the bodies of her subjects, while the Queen's new eyes and ears she cut from those who had been her most trusted servants.

And when this was so, the Widow worked on, dry as sticks and patient as rust, driven by a single need, which was to return her Queen to splendor.

She cut her a new mouth and fed her with fireflies and cakes of sand, and at last the Queen's heart began to beat. "

---------------------------------------------that barely scrates the weird
check it out all, the gamespot link gives links to the wikipedia.. screenshots of "killer.jpeg" (all of them, in order)

if you ask me bungie should have kept to themselves and made an adventure game out of it, its some great stuff and i would play that game..

looks like a rather freeky site...which has too many div tag layers...hard to read everything. That site is like a dark road that you just dont wana travel on at night.

haha, yeah

looking at it in the daytime isnt half as bad

that story though is just.... WEIRD..........

re-assembling a queen? carving thes kin from fallen servents?
what the hell does it have to do with halo2?

ya, but the person isnt running the site anymore....or they went on vaccation to china it seems.

oh, yeah

crazy dana, and she hasnt posted on her blog yet about it