i am so proud of me


thnx imthedarkcyde, 4 repling again,
i have never got replies from things like this
(i think i give off a bad vibe)
but who knows
anyway thanks 100 times again
Bye!!! :D

heh, no problem.

most places dont like the "hi im new here" post, well, big places.

this is still kinda.. small..ish.

and its always great to see new faces

even if its small, its nice
full of nice people!! ;)
to tell u the truth i usually dont rite in those 'hi im new here' but i was bored so i thought i would try something new

on to a diff. subject
have you seen oceans12? it is nearly as fantastic as the first one but not quite there.
i love movies
have u seen million dollar baby? it's now one of my favs. to. (i have probably over 50 fav. movies, the matrix, the matrix reloaded, 3 LOTR, oceans11+12, save the last dance, shallow hal, and so on)
how bout u?

so much for that conversation/topic starter!!