hi everyone!


Well I guess since I am supposed to post once in awhile in this thing, I will just say hi to everyone and thanks to my wonderful boyfriend for making this site and getting me addicted to it! :p

lol, shut it :p

I made a post in the arcade cause ppl are only signing up for that. If ppl dont have at least one post they get auto deleted after a while.

see told you :D :D

Don't underestimate bout what i know about women matrix :p :p

Just in case they do delete people, I'd better post too


so...is it if you dont have 1 post per month or what? or could a person with a couple posts never post again and not be deleted?

1 post anytime is good enough...it just varifies that your account wasnt made and left....Eventually though if too many people are just signing up to play the arcade and dont post ever....I may implement some code that prevents people from playing without posting once every so many days or the arcade will be locked down to them.

sounds good to me, stop those leechers, I personally dont play in the arcade anymore, I never have time. I bearly have time to make this post, but i try my best, id rather devote time to helping the forums grow where anyone can get info about a game, then play the arcade.

yeah i second that, i lost all my high scores and cant be arsed to get them back :(

Welcoem to the forum we are happy to have you ;)

Boy Friend wow what a way to kill it. :( Oh well hi welcome. :)