Just saying hi to everyone out there, My name is brad, im from york, Pa, just thought I would stop by and introduce myself to everyone :) if anyone needs help, or has questions about anything, just ask me, ill help you the best I can.

Hey! I guess I will introduce myself too.

My name is Alex, I live in WI. I've been visiting Matrix's site since before it was Extreme Gamerz...it was "Matrix223's Diablo Page" or whatever and had that blue background lol. I wish I remembered more about it. Is that thing still hosted anywhere? What was the URL of it...web archive probably archived a million copies of it! :D


haha, wow....that brings back memories. No its not online anymore. The url of it used to be http://members.spree.come/funNgames/matrix223/ Nice long url to remember...We've since revised some things obviously :). Last time I checked (3 years ago) spree.com didnt even exist (went out of business) so that URL shouldnt work. Could probably put it in google and find some ppl mistakenly still linking to it. Anyways, very nice to see some old fans visiting the sites.

I found an old archive of your site!


From that I found this link: http://m223diablo.cjb.com/ which also has archived compies!
I like the sexy logo on the site :D :

And it was THAT that gave me this link: http://m223diablo.ds4a.com/
which also has some archives...

I wish they had indexed the ye olde blue background pages lol...


Ya thats not quite the original D1 site, but close to the same era...
Dont think the main page (blue bg) was archived anywhere...there wasnt much on it...servered mostly as a portal page. I think the D1 site you see at the cjb.net page is right when i was fed up with free servers...lol...here we are now.

lol, the designs weren't bad...just not necissarly good:p

God I wish we could find an old copy of the "blue site". Oh the memories... :D

hey as i like to say you always gotta start somewhere to get something. good to have another member, welcome alex