hey i found a pic of me!


while on my fathers comp, i found a picture of me from about 4 years ago (so i was 12 at the time, roughly)

http://imthedarkcyde.shortcutman.net its the obviously human picture on the frontpage

u really need a more updated pict ;) - id never be brave enough myself to post a pict of myself when i was 12.

iono, (hundreds of)millions of hot computer babes have asked my pic, but i've never had one :D

i cant find a digital camera link anywhere in the house, oh well maybe ill get a webcam with tomorrows paycheck

good stuff...if your looking for a decent one, i got a quickcam 4000 (logitech). decent quality on it...very adjustable for brightness and quality....got it 2 years ago tho, so might be outdated to anything newer that im unaware of.

i broke my dad's digital camera. i put some rechargeable batteries in it and tried to charge it but it screw up so im screwed when he finds out :(
i'll pay him when im like 20 or something (when i get a REAL job not some car mechanic at Texaco like i am now)

I got about 1 pic on my comp, but its buried in the depths of hell on my hard drive.....somewhere....