Help me build my army for Kings Of Chaos


do this
click here
then click n the number it tells you to
then click on "join the war"
this is so that i can build my army in a multiplayer game....this doesnt take much time...if you want please register as my officer after you click on "join the war"

Gave you a hit....looks like a fun game, but way too much work then its worth. I'm sure I could go far with it but there are many other things id advertise first before spamming the game sites with this :p (which is prob the only easy way of winning fast)

alright bobo, ill join up in ya war and help you out bud

haha, its just another outwar wannabe, but i havnt ever gotten spyware from KoC, so sure why not

i'm in as well. still dont beat lords of ledgend!!!