got ripped off


men , did 59000 on stick men just tonite , and when i tried to post my high score , said i dint have suficient access or that my logn was still being under check , wth is up with that? i outclassed the guy , got to the boss and now im being set aside for being too good :P lol kidding , but i'd still like to know why i couldnt post my high score

I tested the game and it seemed to work fine for me. Would you mind playing a short game....intentionally lose and see if the functionality of it posting the score works? Otherwise I think it might of been because you spent so long playing the game that your cookies to the forum expired and auto logged you out...In that case I'll look into extending the time that the fourm auto logs user off due to inactivity ect.

and sorry for the inconvience.

Was unable to find solution yet, but when you login make sure you have "remember me" checked and it should never log you out unless you specifically click the logout link. Still gonna try and find a way to make it last longer for those who dont check that box. I'll post here the new time limit if I find it.

thks apreciate it , guess being on 56k doesnt really help my case either