Fresh on the scene.


Hi all,new guy just came by to say hi and i exist:).I am also a relatively new player on lod.i been playing mostly single player lately-i hated doing this on d2 for some reason-and I really luvit.anyway i guess i'll see you guys around. c u around. :) :D

any1 wanna send me msgs for any reason-pls no stupidness ty-go ahead and b patient i am a man not a boy and so have manly (lol) responsiblities.Oh and i need some advice pls.i have a lvl 61 pala zealer with hf aura.i need to know what is the best way to get runes-farm-and which dif and area if you have this info hlp me out pls.And 1 q? does mf affect the rune drops? let me kno if u do.