DragonBall Z


Who here likes or hates DragonBall Z (or any of the DragonBall series) please reply and i want to see how many people are actually a die hard Cell, Brolly, and Vegeta fan.
Appreciate it.

meh, i used to like it, in 6th grade or so....

i even played the card game after a while, untill they released the second set and screwed anyone who bought the first set over........

then the reruns, constipated screaming noises, and piss colored hair started to annoy me :-/

DragonBall always seemed to be for kids 8 and under IMO...thats just how I saw it...I personally hate anima...never have, dont know why...Ive seen that korea/japan/china, little kids, or artists (very few) pick up on it heavily....not trying to offend anyone...thats just been MY experience.

And for all those wondering...cause its been asked too many times before...................NO, we will never affiliate or create a section/site about it on this network...ever.

well, the only animes i ever dug have been : serial experiments lain, Ghost in the shell, and gundam wing
personally if you dont like giant fighting robots you shouldnt own a computer.......

I love anime, especially classics like cowboy bebop, and gundam, but i dont follow it that close, btw, im not into dragonball that much