Doom 3 review


100 out of 100


That link only shows a small that right?

ok, not sure why it was just displaying a picture before.....nice review tho...Doom 3 isnt in all the stores yet tho :-\

tomorrow it is :-D

or so i hear.

edit : seconds after posting i went to gamespy, the doom3 ad said available now

Doom 3 KICKS ARSE, OMG, this game rocks, i played it over at a friends house, and i tell you what, it is one hell of a game!! :D :D :D

I'll be getting my copy soon...if I like it enough we may support a site for it.

there is a site that has a place where you can dl all the files for doom 3 if someone would like to get that, i just have to look in my favorites folder where it was at.

BTman, careful what you post here...u of all ppl should know forum rules :p

yeah, doom 3 had 2 leaks, first one sucked (i got it under guise of "demo") and then second one, why bother, i know i can probly barely run it so why waste the time to DL 2 gigs of stuff, lol

ill wait for the SP demo then waste my cash (btw, doom3 is down to 50 bucks now)

Well sure, the game is fun, but if im totaly honest with you guys, it does get a little boring. There is only so much shadows and creaky corridors that you can be bothered with, and Doom3 pushes that limit. Very quickly, you start to notice a patern. Somethere where you can just tell that something is going to happen, and its just not scary. Sure, the blood trailing into the next room is nice... sure, some of the fully 3D environments and graphic touches look good, but there is also some pretty low quality textures in places that do make it a bit of a disapointment. Dont get me wrong, im not flaming this release, it has its fun, but its not going in my top 3 or even top 5 games. After such releases as Far Cry, the graphics arn't too spectacular.

Another thing, if anyone even TRIES to compare this title to the Half Life 2 engine, "source" i'll be very upset! The two engines are designed for completely diferent tasks, i.e outdoor environment vs. indoor, dark and scary.... its not fair to try and compare.

Personaly, i'm waiting for Half Life 2.. (although how much longer i dont know!) and just hope it will keep me smiling longer than Doom3 has. Although it should be said, the mod side of Doom3 looks like it could really take off, and i recomend any of you not yet played the game, get the "DuckTape" mod... very nice touch :)

I have to agree....(tho i havent played doom 3 all the way through yet) If the whole game is like the beginning part ive been through then its gonna get old real fast.

It reminds me of quake 2. I had to push myself to finish that one!

The shadows are just annoying me more now than scaring me cos i play it during the day and can't see a thing because of the reflection on my screen, even when the games semi light.

I'm starting to run about with the chainsaw infront of me, i cant see anything anyway so i may aswell not hear anything either! :p The chainsaw normally kills things before they can touch you anyway, apart from these soldiers with the extendable arms, there just plain nasty.

Half life 2 shoulds beat it hands down.

Murdo pointed out to me aswell that doom 3 graphics are close to the same used in 3dmarks "proxycon" or "battle of proxycon" or whatever its called, you know the one. So doom 3 is are hardly using cutting edge technology.

farcry tops doom3 hands down, but doom3 has a big mod base i think.

Ive found doom 3 to be buggy as well...Farcry seems to run a bit smoother as well. there ANY way to run Doom III if i have Win. XP Pro. Int.?
also, what kind of stuff do i have to have to run this game. i ahve a 2003 comp. (Gateway).

p.s. i played this game at my friend's house and it really kicks ass. best graphics (i've) ever seen.


the demo is actually out now, check if you can play it

i tried it, its ok, good atmosphere, great graphics, but the gameplay was lacking
back to farcry and the sims2 :-D

anyone play doom 3 online, OM, talk about setting all the setting on graphics and shadowing, etc.. down, practically wireframe, lol, gotta save the framerate when fragging others :cool:

the new patch forces bump mapping and shit when playing online, or so i heard the beta of it did