Best of the best!


I would like to send my thank you to this website! I have been looking at some other arcades and sites like this one but I have never found one that is constantly updating it's game and info! I have been to other arcades that are just as competive but the matriel gets old quick. I think all members should say thank you and if they go to other arcades then they would know why I am grateful. If you ever need any legal advice let me know. I also have some friends in the webmaking world as well. So if you need anything please let me know and I will do my best to help out.


Thanks, it means a lot to us that people are getting something out of these sites...whether or not its getting info for a game or playing in the arcade ;)

hopefully we get that content page soon ;)

QUOTE: hopefully we get that content page soon ;)

What content page?

ooo, nvm, i meant a section for dl's that you were talking about earlier.

At the time I think I was just refering to a Diablo 2 download page...which keeps getting put off. :-\

legal advice?
pfft, its the internet, we can do whatever we want! :D