The Battle Of The Messengers!!!


What do you prefer? Let us know and rate each one out of 5 (1 being worst) ;)

trillian, i dont like the interface
but GAIM is making its way up the list

but for now ill use aim, but love yahoo.

ive never liked AIM. Im not sure about Yahoo coz I havent got it and naver have used it. I say MSN because its the only one I have ever used apart from AIM, which I hated.

I'd use trillian, but It lacks certain unique features from the actual messenger usually....for example...i like MSN cause it pops up a notice that I have new mail...and then I respond to users faster ;)

I choose AIM just cause I have the most people on it and its the easiest to organize while still reserving space on your desktop. 190+ users would be a little too much to deal with on if you know any of my MSN accounts...I must like you ;)

looks like ive found myself a friend then ;)

do we have an IRC room here?
if not, can we get one on gamesurge?

Nope, we've tried IRC before and it didnt really go too well and was way too much maintence. I think it would be a great idea tho if the fourms here ever get huge amounts of visitors coming to them....its got some growing to do tho. - and I'm talking about in "users per day", not cumulative growth over time.

The amount of posts in here and users per day logging in alters a lot from day to day but is slowly climbing from month to month...hardly noticable, but so long as things go up, its all good.

I'm an AIM person myself.

It's the only one that works without complaint at home on the old computer. Yahoo would never work, MSN crashed it when updated to the newer I stuck with AIM. Plus, like has been said before, I know more people on it than any other one.

I use aim... and have forever. Its easy to use... i mean my mom can use it finally. haha. I have tried msn and like it but dont use it much.... if you know that account then you must be special... haha.

QUOTE: if you know that account then you must be special... haha.

STOP MOCKING ME :( :mad: :p

i personally prefer GAIM 1.0.0. it's the best multi-chatting thingy. i used to have DeadAIM but that sucked totally blew because i had to put in a registry key every tme i started up and i didnt want to use a crack. (butt crack)
~Boba :p

sorry rob i actually didnt read that you said that... haha... but i will make sure not to mock you.. haha. :p

I use aim, yahoo, and msn, i got like 2000 people on each that i talk with, some perfer other messengers over other ones, so i had to install them, then i found a feature i liked so i kept, now i got a holy mess of sn's and message programs, there is a program out there though that packs all those messagers into one little interface, i forget where i saw it though.

QUOTE: then i found a feature i liked so i kept
Welcome to my world ;)

And the one your thinking of is prob Trillian, but I think theres a couple out there....Im not using one of those tho or id be sacrificing a feature like you said.