Admin post!


I was reading thta this website with it's affilates were looking for adminstartors for sites. I read over the outline for it and am intrested I know some coding and have friends that make a living working on website and setting up servers and routers and would have access to thier help . I would reaaly like an example and a in depth overview of day to day operations of a admin postion.


Administration positions are given to those who always learn information about games *by seeking it out* and then wish to share it (by posting as news, or in the forum ect). When you say day to day, its more or less a Week to week(after all, we all have a life too right....sometimes? hehe :) )....and for some a month to month operation. The main purpose why you should want to become an admin would be to better yourself at the skill of working with a team of other knowledgeable people with the same interests. Note that we usually only except people at the same level of knowledge as our own team so we can continually learn from each other. This can be very broad tho, because even if you
don't know everything, there is often something specific that someone does better then the rest. So long as you can bring something to the group, we're all for ya. These sites were created on a foundation of "lets learn something new and see how far we can take it while having the most fun possible". Believe it or not, this game network started 6-7 years ago on a couple freesites in nothing more then plain html (and very shitty graphics/content management...we've come a long way) ;)
As a personal example, I cant count the number of times that Murdo (staff member of 6 years at least) and I have tackeled some sort of issue with PHP, java, content or whatever, and each time problems are solved, knowledge is shared, and some cool new feature is added to the sites functionality or content. To me the time spent doing this is irreplaceable.
Of course the great thing about all this to us is that we're having fun because the sites were built about something we enjoy!
That's why you don't see EVERY game out there on this site. Only the games our staff love. And chances are if we love them, most of the public does to.
If this is the kind of attitude you have, then by all means send us an email! - and that goes for anyone.

Anyone who doesnt have the skills to be part of the network but have created a walkthrough, content or whatever that they'd like to have posted, we offer the following way to do so: