ace lightning


hello. does anyone have a demo of full version download site for this game :confused: :confused: i have looked for ages but havent found one. "YET". thnx

Never heard of this game...."a demo of full version" what do u mean?

Ace Lightning is a show made by DIC incorperating 3d people and real people

Ace Lightning (a 3d person) comes from within a game the kid (real life person) has

i was unfortunate enough to have seen but ONE of the episodes, and then i got aids and died.

is this what you mean?

i must have missed a key. man i suck. but how are u typing on the PC imthedarkcyde. if youre ded you can't type. catch my drift. bu youre right. and matrix223 i typed the rong thing. only just noticed :o

haha, glad to be of service

but really that show is that terrible, its on fox in the afternoons i beleive, not like i'd bother to look into it

its like....playing...daikatana or something. a terrible terrible show