Wolfenstein 3d Original

I remember playing the original Wolfenstein 3d on a Mac...and then later on the PC...the difference in time was huge, but I distictly remember the graphics looking a loth cleaner and smoother on the mac? was wondering if anyone else remembers a difference or if its something my mind might of frabricated......cause at the time, they were damn good graphics when it was first released.

some1 els other then me has it!!! i thought i was the only 1

god ya...anyone who was into doom prob has a copy of wolfenstein 3d.

don't rip doom off. it is your master

hey yeah. matrix223. when do I become a moderator so i can change this sig.

I remember playing some good ol' wolfy over at my friends house a long time ago, of course, I promptly went out and bought myself a copy of the game. :p

oh yah that game was wassu ot wasnt any problem beating on the hardest setting after playing halo.

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