Anyone think one is better then the other...I'm not talking so much about the games actual ability so much as I'm refering to its feel while your playing it. I tried Enemey Territory out a while back and thought it didnt quite fit the feel of the original game. Any other opinions on this?

i'll also agree with you on that, RTCW is way better than ET

but i dont play either these days, too many good half-life mods (the specialist, Dod, SvenCoop)

No, ET is way better then RTCW. The gfx are pretty much the same but the gameplay is much better, and also some other details, like it's harder to kill people, etc ...

(the only game i play at the moment ;) )

I suppose since ET is free I should give it a go sometime soon and do a better comparioson...I played it the first week it came out so theres probably been patches/upgrades since then.

yea there are a few good patches, and mods, like ET Pro, that one rocks. It is just the same but with a few subtile changes in it, like hitsounds and HUD menu and stuff, really cool mod !!! AND ET IS FREE like you said , that is the biggest advantage of the game.

I prefer ET, and as ImTheDarkcyde says, there are to many Half-Life mods that take up my time.