Rotators and DeathTouch Demos


Guess what. goFPS the new upcoming ET Ladder now has demos from two of the top clans out there to help everyone along. Soon, you will be able to use your new found skills on the ladder. And work your way to the top.. If you wish to take a peek.. well

That should do it. Oh by the way

Do It.


Thank you for the great demo's Nullivex!!! They are very good and usefel !
I should say: keep em coming :D


Thanks, and well we are working to break them into smaller files so they will be more accessible to the players with lesser connections. We are also going to be ready to go live with the ladder soon and possibly host more demos. We are also on the way to supporting mor games also.

I will drop by here from time to time to shout out some updates.

That's very cool Nullivex. Just i can't folow things in America coz i'm to busy with things here in Europe, there are to much ladders and tournaments to folow nowadays :p But anyway I hope you guys can make a cool ladder/league!!! GL & HF !!!

Well, hopefully we will be able to do something different. And you will have a reason to follow us. We will see.