New Forum

Just added this new section to the forums, hope everyone enjoys it! Chat about Wolfenstien old and new!

I'm glad that wolfenstein may grace these boards.

me to :D
which of those 2 do you play ? ET or RTCW ?

Cool, i'm also addicted to ET. Where do you play most of the time ?

I actually haven't played it in a while hehe.

i prefer RTCW, played ET since beta just didnt have the same feel

though i love the doom-esque head at the bottom of the hud :D

QUOTE: I am very into ET go to forum and post a scrim with TMA at

I'd like to do that but i think our agenda is almost full, for the first couple months :p and another problem is, I don't live in the US, i'm from Belgium so there is a lot of timedifference between it. I played in a US clan half a year ago but it sucked coz of time difference.
So see ya maybe on a pub or somewhere else!!


Know where i can get the original, i swear i cannot find it anywhere

its freeware, so prob kazaa or edonkey? google for the official ET site...and for sure its on

I haven't played ET in a long time....I should get back into it :)

YES you should. ;)
I play this game since the first day it was released and I still like it the same way as the first day :D