Medpack Script help.

Helloo there. I've been writing fairly simple scripts for while now.

Is this possible:

I want to be able to say need a medic to my team and for the text I want it to say MEDIC!, my poistion (ie. A3) and show how much health I have left (ie. ONLY 10HP... Hurry!!!). Example: MEDIC!, Position - A3, Health left - 10HP. HURRY!

Any ideas? cheers Royd.

I guess it has to go something like this:

I want it in capitals so I need to use vstr.

bind i vstr needmedic

set needmedic vsay_team medic I need a medic! Position (.,.), (..)HP left. HURRY!

I Need to write a code for the position I am at and how much HP I have left. any ideas PLEASE reply.

On the lafthand side of team chat I see it allready has your position there, so I only need the code to show team mates how much HP I have left.

Cheers, Royd.