Help Please

I have been playing E.T. for some time on my desktop. I just got a new laptop and I'm having problems getting it to work. Specs are as follows.

Compaq 6205nr
Windows Vista Home Premium
AMD Turion 64 2.0 GHTZ
1GB DDR2 Ram
80GB 5400 RPM Sata HDD
NVIDIA 6150 GO Graphics Card with up to 288MB Shared / 128MB Dedicated
15.4" Widescreen.

I get into the main part but when trying to connect to play on a server I get this error Message Game Code (ui_mp_86x.dll) Failed Pure Server Check

Does anyone know what this means or what I can do to fix it?
Thank you for any and all help you may have to offer.


Well I've been trying to figure this out for you, but from what I've read just uninstall and reinstall if that doesnt solve it find your UO directory and move it outside of the E.T. directory then try to reconenct if this doesnt work respond and ill try to figure more out... Good luck.

Thank you, I will try a reinstall. A friend at work who is familiar with Quake 3 said that basically when I try to connect ot a server, something in my setup is making the servers see something other than what they are expecting to see and that is causing them to bounce me out. Thanks for your help.


da**it Fresh install, same problem. Is there a security thing in vista that needs to be turned off or something?

To be honest sometimes your best bet is to type the error into google and see if someone else has had the same problem...Usally there are a few people who have had a similar problem...And it isnt always typing in the full error maybe just the main part like uo_blah_blah.blah if you know what i mean if your still haveing problems ill try to hunt it down as well if we cant put our heads together and figure this out no one can!