WoW Screenshots (by me)

Here are some screenshots I took of WoW just showing off some random stuff. :D

Beware, screenshots are rather large...

Here are some tree ent guys (I took this screenshot a long time ago):

The rest of these screenshots are me at a small stress test of a server that....isn't legit lol:

Please note that screenshots really do the game no justice. The quality is MUCH better but the screenshots always come out funky. It's like WoW doesn't actually take a screenshot, but rather renders a screenshot from what is on the screen and reduces the quality then for some reason. So it actually looks much better!


EDIT: Wierd, I'm using the [ I M G ] [ / I M G ] tags but they are showing up as links...

The game looks real nice...Wish I had the money/time to keep up a monthly subscription :(

the game looks like it'll be great, but same with me, but i doubt i'll get it because of the monthly fee

yea it's to expensive to buy it AND also pay the monthly fee. Let's start a protest here at this forum:p :p :p :p :p

Yeah paying monthly sucks. That's why people like me are working on free servers ( ;) ... go to my site, ).

I will still play the subscription fee though because the real server will always be better. Lucky for me my parents will pay that fee.


Yeah, i just bought ffXI for my ps2, MONTHLY FEES SUCK!!!, you think they make enough money off the games itself, yet go ahead and stick ya in the butt with a monthly fee, just stupid, and when they don't support the game on their servers anymore, the 50 game you bye is of no use anymore, they could at least have like a flat rate of 50/year, they would still make a killin. just my opinion.:rolleyes:

I see the point of the monthly fee...They need to pay their staff and upgrade/maintain their hardware for the servers. But they are overpriced for what they need...Someone up top is greedy, and its just something that people can live without...They'd probably gain popularity/sales if they lowered it. They of all people should know...Thats why D2 was so servers to play on. I would however expect updates on a monthly basis AT LEAST if there was any kind of fee...and I doubt they'll do it that relegiously.

Well if WoW turns out like every other MMORPG, the updates should come very often. SWG had an update like every 2 or 3 days lol. They were constantly fixing every little bug, balancing everything a little more, and adding new stuff.
Of course, Blizzard is known for their long beta tests so there is a good chance there will be a lot less of that stuff needed.

For Diablo II, I heard that at one point they had 1 guy working on the 1.10 patch lol.


blizzard makes these things for years, so that there are no complaining people that the game is buggy, monthly fee's suck but i get what they're for, i'd rather pay sumtin like $50/year, it'd be better

I hate you ... jk but I am extremely jealous that you got into beta and I didnt

I didn't get into the beta. As I said in the top post, those screenshots are from an unlegit server...meaning not Blizzard's heh.

On a side note, on Friday night, one of the old Moderators from my site let me start playing on his beta account. So as of Friday, I've been playing on the official Blizzard server almost non-stop! :)

I have been playing on none blizzard servers to...Not as much as I would like to but I still find time to manage. I wish I could play on blizzard's then I would be playing every hour ;) . Awesome good work getting that. I remember I got Diablo 2 beta from one of my friends/ Worked on

so there are gonna be a bunch of unnofficial places to play WOW when the full thing is released? that'd be cool but id be afraid of hacks/cheats...this sounds like a classic case of d2bnetd or whatever that program was that emulated a b-net d2 that how this is working?

yeah, but when it is fully released it wont be as much blizzard constantly is updating the world...adding new areas and such. and constantly having people online to moderate...that is why u pay to play.

good point...i suppose one of these days i'll settle down long enough to play a game long enough that would be worth wild to pay montly for it...when that day comes I might not be operating a sites like the ones i am now tho as that would spare up a lot of time.


the game looks like it'll be great, but same with me, but i doubt i'll get it because of the monthly fee

I must say I got suckered into WOW and have now been playing it on and off for the past year. I pay to be on blizzards servers and find it worth it. There are only a few bugs with the new expansion I found but those seemed to have been fixed now.

Yeah, im with you on this wave91 pre-paid is way better especially if you find your self out of time, then you have to remember to cancel the pass and its very easy to forget.
But like alot of you have been saying i agree that monthly fees do have there purpose all though i dont like it because im not rich! hehe.

ps. Picture links wouldnt work for me, am i doing something wrong or where they removed? Now that ive looked at the last seen on some of the people on this thread im realizing they might have been deleted long ago, just my luck!