World of Warcraft: Phase Three

World of Warcraft: Phase Three
Tuesday, June 21, 2004

Phase Three of the World of Warcraft Beta Test has started, and we have randomly selected the next group of people to be added for this important phase of our testing process. Invitation emails will be sent out shortly, so please disable your junk mail filters and check your inboxes!

If you don’t hear from us for this phase, please note that there will be additional phases with more testers added in the weeks and months ahead. In addition to that, we will eventually be holding an Open Beta Test as well, during which many more people will have a chance to try out World of Warcraft prior to launch!

Please do not contact us to inquire about the status of your Beta Test application. We will continue to post announcements here whenever new phases have started.

Official World of Warcraft Fan Site Kit
Monday, June 21, 2004

The World of Warcraft Fan Site Kit is now available. The Fan Site Kit is a package of materials designed to assist you in the creation of your own World of Warcraft-related fan site. The kit includes logos, hi-res artwork, screenshots, graphic PSD templates, a simple example of an HTML page, and a host of character cut-outs sorted by class. We hope you’ll find this kit useful in creating your own World of Warcraft fan site, and we look forward to seeing what you’ve created. Separately, if you’re curious about joining the Blizzard Fan Site Program, please check out our fan site program page for more info. Fan Site Page


Thank you!