Warcraft Flash version

I have this flash file which is Warcraft 1. Works well, but its no replacement for the real thing. If anyone things they'd get some major use out of it I might consider either posting it to the warcraft sites or making a whole site dedicated to flash games...
hehe...I like the one where you hit the penguin :p
This addition of a flash game site would have to come well after the completion of redesigning some templates.

hey where can i get this flash game at, i would love to try it out

Have it somewhere on my comp...Its nothing too special...will likly post it eventually when i work up the effort to find where its hiding on my PC at school.

Yeah, I'd like to see this too. A flash version of Warcraft...what an age we live in...:p

its on my to do list. ill get it up asap on the warcraft site (sometime this week hopfully)

alrighty thxs rob, im looking forward to it, somethign different.