Warcraft 1 or 2 was better?

Thought I'd bring this up...Personally, I'm a bigger fan of the original warcraft then the 2nd one, and even 3rd. I like the setup with spells and such much better. Tho the graphics do suck, for some reason thats what makes the first better for me. Anyone else have a similar take on this or did I just miss the bandwaggon and should find a nice padded room.

I remember when the first one came out, tides of darkness was the bomb I thought. Those graphics were the shit. Course times change.. But I do agree Classics are usually better.

Original warcraft was awesome, But it does lack the graphics. Graphics mean a lot to me and the engine. So I do prefer War 3 but war 1 was awesome at it's time.. So was war2

in order id rate em: wc1, wc3, wc2
wc2 was lacking the gameplay from what i remember (which isnt much because it was so long ago) but did have an upgrade in graphics from....a lot of gamers go on gameplay rather then graphics...otherwise what would be the point of playing packman, glaxian, or many of the other old fav if you just wan to see some eye candy.

i prefer wc1. its old n shitty graphic but fun

i like 2, but only the singleplayer, online everyone is an asshole

3 sucks.. period.

Well, I just wish some games would go back to their roots, instead of trying to be "different" it seems in my opinion, if something is great, why change it?

doom3, good example

its doom 1, with an expanded story (barely) and same great action.


i prefer wc1,too.