War3 Update

Warcraft III Ladder System Update
Friday, June 18, 2004

Thanks for everyone’s patience and understanding with the ladder system that we introduced last month. Through the feedback and dedication of our fan community, we’ve identified several issues with the new XP system. We have addressed these issues and are currently in the process of testing the changes internally. Here is a short list of some of the changes in the works:

Improvements in Battle.net's ability to determine a player's true skill rating and ELL (expected ladder level).

Separate player skill ratings for Solo, Team, and FFA play. A great solo player is not necessarily the best team player.

The number of games required for a player to reach the ladder level that corresponds to their ELL (expected ladder level) will differ based upon (1) game type, and (2) the associated difficulty of finding games of that type on Battle.net. For instance, a random team player will have to play approximately 300 games, whereas a solo player will have to play approximately 200 games. An arranged 4v4 team player, on the other hand, will only have to play around 40. After playing a sufficient number of games, the player of average skill should be level 25 in that game type's corresponding ladder.

The player skill requirement for reaching the very highest ladder levels will be increased. Fewer people will be able to reach level 50, but obtaining that level will also be more prestigious.

The experience gained or lost by a player when a game finishes will be more directly influenced by the player's skill. Highly skilled players will now be able to reach higher ladder levels more quickly. Players who intentionally lose games in an effort to lower their ELL and find easier opponents will also find it much more difficult to climb the ladder.

The experience gained or lost from one game will also be limited by new minimum and maximum experience values. These values differ based on the game type played.

We will be making this new version of the ladder available on Westfall (our Beta Patch Server) in approximately the middle of next week. Look for more information early next week regarding this opportunity to scrutinize the changes and provide additional feedback prior to the public release of the updated XP system. As always, we thank everyone for their feedback and support in improving and maintaining the quality of Warcraft III.

- Blizzard Entertainment

Full version will be in effect July 1st 12:01 AM. Battle.net does not fux around!