Macroh Masheen, all purpose game bot

* Pre-purchasers get free lifetime upgrades.
* Future licenses will be subscription based, pre-purchasers will only pay the 1 time pre-purchase fee.
* Individual support: Pre purchasers will receive better support and have more say as to what features are implemented next.
* Revolutionary Design: Macroh Masheen is designed to work with all games!!
* Fast!! Macroh Masheen uses one of the fastest script engines available.
* Easy!! Macroh Masheen is easy to use.
* First in Class developement environment: No other game macroer offers the level of features as Macroh Masheen does when it comes to script debugability, syntax highlighting, variable watching ... the list goes on
* Planned features: No other macroer plans to improve their IDE with as many features that are planned for Macroh Masheen.
* Small: The download for Macroh Masheen is under 400kb.
* Self Contained: Macroh Masheen does not rely on the 40mb .NET framework and does not rely on any other external files other than what is included with the installation.
* Simple Installation: Macroh Masheen is as simple as unzipping the install file to your desired directory. There are no registry settings, messy installers that do not clean up after themselves or any unnecessary changes to your system such as registry settings.
* Designed with Speed and Efficiency in mind: Macroh Masheen is coded entirely in C++ and uses libraries that are faster, smaller and more efficient than what comes standard with most compilers. Plus, there are plans to re-write some routines in ASM to even further improve speed.
* Simple Familiar Syntax: The syntax in Macroh Masheen is very similar to C/C++/C#/Java so anyone who knows any of those languages will be familiar with the syntax. No extraneous syntax. Simple, straightforward and easy to learn.
* Extendable: Future releases will allow for the use of plugins, meaning anyone with coding experience will be able to easily tailor fit Macroh Masheen to their own needs, or publish plugins for others to use too!
* Cheap: Macroh Masheen is cheaper than most other macro applications.


very good!!