How can I play via internet

I have a cracked war3(+frozen)... I'm looking for a way to play via internet. It can be a program that simulates LAN or sth like Blizzard's battlenet.. Please Help!!!!!!

You can play on servers that are running bnetd. I will look what servers I can find for you.

I dont think this is possible for WC3...and the site that made it possible for D2 was shut down...maybe it can be used for WC3 tho?....If such a program does exist for warcraft your gonna have to search VERY hard to find one. Even then, all the servers you find might be insecure and hacked up...your probably better off using blizzards server....if your going to play any game online you should probably go out and buy it to avoid hassel

There are still servers running that support war3 and are updated.

Still looking. I got a lot of info about the new bnetd. I guess it is real underground because they dont want bnet sueing again. So im going to try to talk to someone who kows more about it. I will post more info tomorrow.

u should look to by searching around warcraft 3 bnetd or war3 warforge. i know warforge is even now having wow beta servers. but i guess right now u can only walk around the world....they are trying to create monsters.

i think u need a original cd key and nothing else ;)

anyway since u posted about cracked verision :P :

omg : FIXED!

dgg we can hardly beleive such a tale, having not ever met you or seen you before :(

but you can find lotsa CD gens easy

and i mean.. EASY (

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WElp, as Matrix said, probably be easier to go out and buy the game then try and search for a cdkey or crack..