Account Hack 100% Works! Easy!

Things you need:

Working WoW Account, Password, Time To Wait.

ok if u see people posting trying to scam u by emailing ur acc and pass to like

[email protected] or or something ... dont do it....heres the real email that will

work in 1 2 3

so follow the steps below:

1. compose mail...copy and paste

568dcd45fabece2605db89(your account name)ce2605db89568dcd45fabe

568dcd45fabece2605db89(your password)ce2605db89568dcd45fabe

568dcd45fabece2605db89(person's account you want)ce2605db89568dcd45fabe

2. type in send to [email protected]

3. wait for reply of the person you wanna get password from

THAT'S IT! now you will have 2+ accounts

p.s you need real WoW and pass to make this work