Unreal Tournament 99


It's been harder and harder to find people still into UT 99.. I help run a UT 99 sniper/freestyle server. We also play a little CTF & Jailbreak. If anyone is still interested in what I think is the best UT out there fell free to stop by and play a few matches with us. We started this site about 4 months ago and it's been doing great and we have a nice community and it's growing everyday, but the more the better!! :D

WebSite: http://www.dfbutclan.com

{dFb} UT 99 server ip:

Sounds great.. i'll Stop by server.... I know TONS of people that still play UT99.... in fact Theres actually More REAL people that play UT99 over UT2004.... UT2004 tends to have more Fake Botz playing most levels than actual real people... its hard to find a living person to play agaist in UT2004... lololllll

If you need anything like Maps or mods...skins i have a ton...
i been playing Unreal Series since it first started with UNREAL back in late 97'
and Ran (founder) of a Few Major Clans.... [WIZ] , [BtG] and now [GzX]...
[WIZ] Was Huge in Unreal and UT99 but i Turned it Over to New Owners and its now [WIZ] Gaming Wizards community i believe for gamespy.

after all these years of playing i have a MASSIVE collection of Maps for both Unreal and UT99... I started collecting them at NaliCity before they Changed websites to the Newer NALICITY 3... I currentlly Have More UT99 maps than NaliCity 3. Many More Custom maps than they ever had... I have many Friends including myself that made Custom maps that nalicity never had plus getting them from other websites... giving me a monster collection of over 10,000+ maps, most them DM levels ...

Welp i gotta Jet i'll seeya Around. :cool:

Cool bro, hope to see you on the site and servers soon!