This is the only game thats ever had me on the edge of my seat...and biting my nails if I could get them off the keyboard to stop playing. Some of those mosters at the beginning really freaked me out. It'd be all nice and quiet and then a millisecond later something would burst out from the darkness.....I completed this game in only a couple days because otherwise Id probably have bad dreams about it.

well,.wish i could share your enthusiasm, wasnt impressed at all,. kind glad i only paid ?12 for it really, a game that is marred with bad level design, with only a few ingenious sections, ie the canyon level where you ahve to defend the ship whilst its being fixed, and the bit at the end is a bit like the robot city in the matrix, but 1 or 2 good bits dont really save the rest of the game,...think they should stick to makin the Tourny series and creatin wKd game engines,

ya, they could have created better level designs...regardless theres nothin like those dark looking creatures popping out of nowhere to scare you senseless.

matrix i command you to dig up 10 bucks, head to walmart, and get the "alice/undying" combo pack for PC

Undying is the scariest thing you will ever experiance (unless you get taken hostage or something in real life....)

that or play Alien Vs Preditor 1 for PC, in the dark, with headphones, the marine missions
its dark.. you see nothing you hear nothing... radar is clean.. wait!
beep..BEep.. BEEP... dots swarming your radar and all you've got is your shitty machine gun
aliens above behind and to your side
scares the piss out of you because it happens much faster than you just reading that.

I'll have to take your word for it...If it really is that scary then I prob wouldnt enjoy it. lol....i played Unreal 2 for the gameplay more then anything.

I can't say i was too impressed with the game. The graphics were great but i felt like i was playing some kind of multiplayer game for most of it, like where you had to defend with a group of people who always died. I got a bit sick of defending because im useless at it and its also very boring. The only reason i really competed the game was because i like finishing what i've started.

i only have demo but it freaked me out. i watched the FMV cutscenes and allmost pissed myself cos of all tose bods withe bits out of them and a lot of flys

Its not so much the stuff you can actually see that scares ya....The parts I was talking about is how when your in the shadows and you see another shadow flash by over some light. And then suddenly its like right up in your face.

I'm looking forwards to doom sure that would even need the element of suprise to freak me

yeah...clive barker's undying is one of the scariest games for PC ever. completely freaks you out in the first 3 or four level while you are in the mansion but after you exit it...its all too predicable.

Was just trying out the new Vampire Masquerade: Bloodlines...not too bad in general...but the quest in which you need to go into this haunted hotel made me jump at least 10 times....The lights would burst as you walk by and its loud. Thats the only part thus far that got me on edge with that game....I was expecting more outta that game....I'll prob start a thread in the Other Games forum tho about it.

I played it and I wasnt scared of it but the part that scared me was when I had my back turned and somthing was sneaking up on me and attacking me now that was pretty scary.