On games such as UT and CS lag comes mostly from people using AOL ( Not AIM ) in the background. If you have a UT server thats not lagggy what-so-ever, you are prob. using a new version of the game or u have T1/T3. Also, hacks make servers lag A LOT, but thats another subject. Personlay I don't respect people that use hacks because they are pussies that can't win by playing fairly. You can buy or rent servers that don't lag, but that costs money. You will almost ALWAYS lag if you are using dial-up.
I have SBC Yahoo DSL which is pretty damn fast, so i don't lag on servers that are not mine. If you have UT GOTY I have a great server that does'nt lag; the ip is I usualy play on there every day. I have the ADMIN pass. for the server so if you try to use hacks, you will get kicked as a warning. If you come back with hacks, I will ban you. Well...thats all I know about lag. Heh.

Well, some games it doesnt matter how laggy someone else is, it wont effect other players....what effects everyone is the amount of people trying to get high speeds from the server...lag is caused the least from people with slow connections because they are less demanding towards the bandwidth. A good example of this is Counter-Strike and the other mods ect.

Ive never really looked into unreal tournament as I dont play it online much...But it is possible for some games to be slow because it waits for the other players to "catch up" before it feeds the rest of the people data. I doubt unreal runs like this, but if it does management/program leader should be dragged out the door and shot!...I mean, come on its 2004 and look at competition!