stuck for 2 months in!?!

Can anyone tell me why EA makes this game so hard? I've been stuck for 2 months trying to get past Klaus & the locked door thing. I've tried your breakthrough walkthrough to the letter, but everytime, I either have no ammo left, or the Nazis jump me before I can get up the ladder, or 1 time I made it all the way to the last nazi & we killed each other at the same time. I've just about given up on this rotten's not much fun to try endlessly to play a game & never make it to the next level. I played the original MOH & didn't have this much trouble with it. I think it will be a cold day in hell before I waste my money on another EA game. Call of Duty was MUCH easier to play. If anyone can help me out here, I'd really appreciate it.

You can always use a cheat to get through a particular part and turn it off once its done. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get parts right.

Thanks for the kind reply...I thought about using cheats but when I tried to do it like previous posts said to, I was unable to do it. Per the instructions, I loaded up the game, then hit the tilda ~ key...until I was blue in the face, but nothing happened, no window to type anything in or anything else. I know in Sims2, a little window bar opens at the top of the screen to type the cheat codes in, but I couldn't get one in MOH to open...Is there a certain time to hit the ~ key? The instructions weren't very clear about that, it just said to load the game & do it, but nothing happens...I'm using V1.0 btw.
Am I supposed to ~ when the first screen appears, in the middle somewhere, or wait until the game is running? Sorry to be so stupid, but it's hard to follow directions that assume that I know what I'm doing when I don't have a
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Hi again,
Thanks for the tip but now I'm even more say to start the game by typing all that stuff in but that's not how the game starts...I just put the CD in my PC & the game loads up automatically...I don't have anything to type in that stuff...after the game loads up, hitting the ~ key doesn't do anything. Am I that dumb, or is there something I don't know about here?

Hi again...OK...I think I figured out where to type in all the +set stuff...I right clicked on the shortcut & typed it in after the target address...then when I started the game, I hit the ~ key & got the console window...then I typed in wuss & dog, but when I started to play, I had all the weapons but no ammo for any of them except the pitiful few rounds I had all along. I still get killed, or Klaus does, before he gets that damned door open. What am I doing wrong?

I also was stuck here for some time. I didn't pay attention to the instructions given for this level or as listed in the Walkthrough. When you get Klause thru the door, use the door lock on the left side of the door. By the way, you don't have to kill all the bad guys, you just need to give Klause time to get the door open, then get inside yourself. Was not hard, when i realized what I actually needed to do.

Thnx for the tip but I have never made it that far...either me or Klaus always gets killed before he can unlock that damn The best I've ever done is to kill all but 1 of the Germans but he throws a grenade & kills Klaus before I can kill him...usually, I'm out of ammo by the time he shows up. I still can't make the cheats work either...when I type in a cheat, I get a message that it is an unknown code. I think I'll just have to throw this game in the trash & replay the 1st MOH...that one I got all the way through. I don't think I'm going to waste any more $ on EA games though...too many other games out there that are less For example...why didn't EA put an easy level on MOH?
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I was stuck there once, and decided immediately to replay that area, clubbing as many enemies with the butt of my rifle as I could. There are some narrow areas, so it's not that hard to do without being shot up badly.

Also, when you've cleaned up the area with the machinegun the second time and a truck full of enemies crashes through the gate while the POW is talking, make sure you're at that machinegun.