Sticky bomb in MOHAA spearhead

I'm in the second mission on MOHAA Spearhead, near the nebelwerfer in the snow and I can't get the sticky bomb from my squadmate to destroy the tank next. Is there somebody who can help me. I read the walktrhough but it doen't help me.


I'm in the third mission on MOHAA Spearhead and I can't stick the sticky bomb to destroy the tank . I ve try pressing (E) but nothing happens. Is there somebody who can help me. I read the walktrhough but it doen't help me
tks in advance

What version of MOHAA? Is it up to date? there could be some sort of bug in previous versions.

Also try going back 2 or 3 saved games before that part...yes you'll have to replace some of it, but sometimes it does the trick...I'd suggest upgrading first and trying that if you havent.

Yea, I'm having the same sticky bombs even though the guy yells, "you've to the sticky bombs sarg...." I've tried going back a few saved games, but nothing. I thought it was because I was using some of the cheats, but when I play with out the cheats, there are still no sticky bombs or glowing red places on the tank to place them.
I just bought the game for mac, I think I've got the latest version: 2.15b. Any other fixes?


I just figured out that you don't have to do anything (going back two or three saves), you just have to start out at one of those multi-rocket launcher things before heading for that panzer tank situation. If you just follow the road it takes you to one on those launchers first where one of the crew THEN gives you the sticky bombs. I had been going over hills first and encounter the tank first where then they would yell "you've got the sticky bombs sarg" which I didn't! So FOLLOW THE ROAD, dont' bother going over the hills for short cuts.