spearhead cant fire AA guns

Hi hoping you can guys can help on spearhead after landing in barn killing jerrys then moving up to meet british soldiers next to wind mill the officer tells me to use AA gun to destroy tank go to AA gun use E but AAgun will not fire have reset controls downloaded patches help its driving me mad :eek: anyone got any ideas ????? dont want to cheat if i can help it

no i know what to do but when i get on AA gun using the E key i still cannot fire but thanks for trying to help i think it may be a program fault i have uninstalled but no joy :(

If possible, try installing it to another computer and move your save game files over. You can at least just test it to see if you're doing something wrong, or if it really is a bug. This wouldnt be the first time I've heard bugs in conjunction with Spearhead.
I might do some looking around for you tho. Can you let me know the level info, mission name, ect. Copy a paragraph of the walkthrough in here to show where you are if possible.


Look to the SouthEast to see a squad of Germans by a couple houses. Move towads them a bit and start firing. This will cause your allies to come running in and help you take them out. Once all the enemies are dead move to your allies and the Captain will start talking.

A Tiger Tank will approach on the road, go to the Artillery gun in the field and wail away at it until it blows up, then go back to the allies near the house. Another autosave.
have tryed on my other computer and its still same driving me crazy thanks for trying to help

Really not sure at all about this one, the guns fired fine for me, as default controls?!

I'll look into it further...

Asked/looked around a bit and came up with nothing. Best guess would be to ugrading and/or downgrading your version through patches ect.
If it truly is not something you're doing wrong then i'd contact EA games tech support more directly.

Press and hold the shot button (Left Mouse Button) until the figure of the weapon is red and it will start to shoot. Weapons AA need "to heat" to be able to shoot... :cool: