Setting up LAN play with single player version

I know MOHAA comes as a multiplay version, but as I see it, the single player version should allow me to play on a LAN. I'm using WIN2K and all other connections are fine (direct connection, not as a domain). I have all the recommended protocols installed on both pc's eg TCP/IP etc.
I've started both games, made one the host (not dedicated naturally) but the other can't find any games. NOTE: I have LAN selected as the connection in the game setup.
I have not run any updates. It appears to be version 1.0.

At this point, I need to know can it be done as a direct connection (pier to pier) or not. It has worked fine with Delta Force Land Warrior.

I appreciate any help.

PS. Thanks Matrix223 for your quick reply to get me signed up here.

The most common problem when setting up lan parties is bad patched versions...So first thing is to check the version of MOHAA on each comp. and upgrade/downgrade if necessary.

If that isnt it, it might be because of your setup, can you describe youre setup including routers ect.

Thanks for the reply Matrix223.

Just worked out the problem. Commonly called 'user error'. I did apply the patch to both pc's and checked my LAN connection. I won't know if that was the problem. The obvious thing I missed was turning off my firewall on the laptop (I did on the desktop). I previously disallowed MOH to pass through and had no messages appear until after the patch was applied. Made perfect sense then.

Excellent forum BTW.

How do you get the console up on ct?

Matrix223 how did you get to be an admin?

im new :)


Thank you!