OK...Now what the heck?

Hi...me again...OK...I finally figured out how to get the console window...I typed the +set stuff behind the target in the shortcut like the directions said to do & now when I'm playing the game I can hit the ~ key & I get a little window to type in "wuss" or whatever else but it doesn't seem to do my any good...I still have a machine gun without any bullets...& no matter what I do or how many different ways I've tried to play the scenario, I still get killed, or Klaus dies. So...why don't the cheats work for me? What did I do wrong? Why do I get the machine gun but no ammo for it? the God mode (dog) also doesn't do anything for me.

Am I supposed to include the " marks or not, when I type in wuss?

no dont include the quotes - just whats inside of them

K...thanx...I'll try that but so far I'm still not having any luck getting wuss to work, or any other cheats...I'm really getting discouraged by this game...3 months now & still can't get past Klaus & that damned door...sigh.