monte cassino part2 - please help

Hi, I seem to be stuck in the area of Monte Cassino where you are searching for POWs and allied forces, I am at the part where you find keys on a desk, then go back a bit and inside the locked door are the pows. I can go in the room, but nothing happens, noone talks to me, and they dont follow me out of the room. DO I just leave because I've found them, or am I not doing something? I'm confused because the arrow in the upper left points right to one of the pows, and wont change, it wont update my objectives. Please help me figure this out, its probably simple, but I'm not sure what to do.


yes, I checked the walkthrough, but it didnt help at the time......fortunately I went back through the level, and when I kept one of the allied soldiers alive and with me, then the pows recognized me, and the gate to the west opened up.....must have just been a glitch.