MOHAA Questions for my research project

Hey guys,

I'm following a Game Studies course at the moment at my University in Utrecht, in the Netherlands. My case-study object is MOHAA. I'm trying to find out what the meaning of World War II in this game is. Some scholars, MacCallum-Steward for example, states that the historical aspect in (war)games is not meant to reproduce a historically accurate depiction of, for example, the Second World War. "By including a historical context, and filling this with accurate imagery and even information, games designers are partly able to offset accusations of violence with the claim that in some part, these events really happened."

I have a few questions about the online multiplayer function of MOHAA, and I'd be really thankful if you could answer these!

1) What team do you prefer to play with? And why?
2) How much do you feel involved with the country(s) you play for in the multiplayer mode?
3) In what way are specific elements of the Second World War coming to the fore?
4) Do you eventually think the Second World War plays an important role in the multiplayer mode?

Once again, I'd really appreciate it if some of you could answer these questions!!

Thank you,