Franz/Fritz... Breakthrough

Hi all.
Im stuck in Breakthrough. :confused:

I have just released the Brit POW's, cleared the fortress/prison & joined up with the spy (Franz or Fritz or whatever his name is, sorry)
We get chased onto a roof & find the door is locked.
Anyway, it takes him the longest 30 seconds in the world to pick the lock and in that time one of us gets killed.
Anyone else know how to get through this as its doin me ead in???? :mad:

Cheers in advance :)

whats the mission called....and how far into are you? (objective)

Hi Matrix
Its : Tunisia- Bizerte Canal - Inside the fortress
Objective: Locate Klaus (nearly) Knefler - Follow Klaus.

Cheers mate

Prob more then you need, but here ya go.


In order to get a medal for Tunisia you have to keep all 3 British POWs alive.

Stay in the room. Enemies troops will come into the room. The British POWs
should be able to take out the enemies coming into the room. When it seems that
no more enemies are going to enter the room take a peek out the door. Block the
doorway so the British troops don't run out into the courtyard.

There will be a machine gun position to the west. Stay behind the columns and
keep shooting the enemies that man the machine gun. Once that machine is clear
clean up the courtyard of any other enemies.

Next move towards the archway behind the machine gun. There will be another
courtyard with some enemy troops. Again, block the archway so the British
troops don't run into the courtyard. Once the courtyard looks clear enter the
courtyard and run into the covered walkway.

There will be a short flight of stairs to the west. When you get to the top of
the stairs this will triggers enemies behind and above you to the east. Don't
let the British POWs get exposed out in the open. Run up to the top of the
stairs then run to the corner of the railings right next to the stairs. Quickly
take out the attackers. Try tossing a grenade into the second story room to the

Once the enemies have stopped attacking run up the stairs to the top of the
wall. Run into the room. Turn south and go down the short hallway. Stop before
going into the next room. There will be some enemies rushing you from this
area. Once that stops go through the room but stop before going into the
hallway. There will be a group of enemies in the hallway.

Finish clearing the inside of the fortress. Go down the stairs at the east end
of the hallway. You will go into a small room that leads outside. More enemies
will come from outside. Go out onto the balcony, go north, and go down the
stairs back into the courtyard. There will be more enemies in the courtyard.
Clear this group of enemies.

Run around the courtyard near the machine gun position. One of the British POW
will start talking. Use the machine gun and destroy the truck that crashes
through the wooden gates of the fortress. That is the last group of enemies
inside the fortress. If all 3 British POWs are still alive you just earned the
medal for this level.

[X} Objective Complete: Secure the Fortress

Now run out the wooden gates to the east. Head south back towards the canal.
You come up behind the enemy troops. Turn east then north and go up an alley.
Keep moving between the buildings until you see Klaus Knefler.

[X} Objective Complete: Locate Klaus Knefler

Cheers for that Matrix but its the bit after that I get stuck on. While Klaus is picking the lock.
Still I now know how to get a medel on the first bit :)

Run after Klaus. He will lead you through the building and up to the rooftops.
Climb up the ladder and across the planks. You will get to a rooftop area where
Klaus has to pick a lock. If Klaus dies the mission is over.

Move to to the edge of the roof opposite Klaus between the two stacks of
crates. Jump on one crate so you can get a clear view of rooftops and the
balcony on each side. From the rooftop side watch out for the enemies that will
fire on Klaus. On the balcony side watch for grenades. A grenade that lands too
close to Klaus will kill him and end the mission. Hold off the enemy until
Klaus gets the door open.

Follow Klaus through the door.

Easier said than done but I'll try again!!!

Cheers for you help Matrix

I have got to the rooftop door with Franz - and I agree he takes ages to pick the lock, but by the time I reach the roof tops I have little or no ammo fact I ran out in the courtyeard after the truck and couldn't find any anywhere to stock I've been pistol whipping everyone instead! It works until I reach the roof tops where of course I need ammo...

Hey, Thanks for this - as it turned out I replayed the level early one morning when I was fresh and completed it first time! But, I'm stuck on Spearhead too - if you can have a look at that thread....?? ;)