Faulting application mohaa.exe, version, faulting module gamex86.dll..help!

Guys, I decided to revisit my halcyon days of MOHAA, and installed the game from the original disks.

When I went to launch it, the game quit (after I had changed all the settings), but when it was loading the training level.

The error was:

Faulting application mohaa.exe, version, faulting module gamex86.dll

Now what is really bugging me is that I had this error when I installed it about three years ago, but after searching the net I found the fix.

Now can I find any trace of the fix on the net...nope!

So guys I have Pentium 3.2c, 1Gb Corsair Twinx Ram, Soundblaster Audigy 2 and 1 Terrabyte of hard drive space and Nvidia 6800GT.

I am hoping someone canadvise me on how to fix this, as if I remember rightly it was a really simple fix, I just can't find it!

BTW I have uninstalled an re-installed three times and still (after patch update 1.11) cannot get past the loading game screen withough the above error.

So can anyone please help? Cheers, MP.