Breakthrough tank attack!!

:mad: How in the heck do you kill all of the tanks before they get to the building and the failed mission message comes up? The mortars might as well be eggs and there aren't enough bazoodka rounds to kill all of the tanks. I have tried at least 100 times to get through this battle to no avail. Anyone have any suggestions?

I havent played breakthrough...only one left thus far...i will get working on a walkthrough for the mohaa section asap...currently on vaccation till next monday and then it might take a week or less to post.....sorry for the delay....unless murdo or someone else knows?

Thanks for your help. I'm looking forward to your reply!! Hope you had a nice vacation!

Also, I don't believe in cheats. It takes away from the challenge of it all.[QUOTE] "Those who cheat in the game of golf are ultimately only cheating themselves. Besides, most of those little pencils they give you with the scorecard don't have an eraser." Arnold Palmer.

I wouldnt call a walkthrough cheating....some games are rather hard in spots. I'm working on converting a walkthrough currently...hopfully be up by mon/tue :)

My appologies. I certainly wasn't implying that your walk throughs are cheats. I am humbled by your expertese in games and am grateful for the knowledge that you share. I think that I just read your reply to another users forum on a cheat question and got the two mixed up. Once again, thank you for the help and I am looking forward to your walkthrough with great anticipation.


twoputt :D

my appologies for not getting a mohaa walkthrough up but ive been very busy...if u want to tell me the mission your on I can probably paste in a guide on how to get past it...have u not gotten through that area yet?

I am stuck in the Sicily-Gela-Tank assualt start the battle on a staircase in a building with another soldier (this is the spot where I quick saved).......Captain whats his face, telling me that I've got to stop the tank assualt. There is a mortar gun with seemingly unlimited rounds, but you must get to the first 2 tanks on the left pretty quickly or the shells will overshoot the tanks. If I cannot kill the first 2 tanks with mortars I can use the bazoodka (sp) to finish them off. Then you must go to the right opening in the building and kill the next 2 tanks, which I have managed to do one time. After I kill the second set of 2 tanks, (by the way I have already retrieved all of the bazoodka shells in the ammo box and used all but one) I must go back to the left and try to kill more tanks, which by this time are so close to the building that their is no way I can kill them with mortars. With only one bazoodka round left, I am doomed. If only Captain whats his face would get off of the dang radio and give me a hand I might be able to get through this pluthera of maladies. Hope that helps you understand where I am in the battle. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

hope this helps:

[QUOTE]On the second floor you will find 6 heavy rounds for the bazooka and two
Granatwerfers or mortars. There is one motor to the south and one mortar to
the west.

When aiming the mortar the lower the cursor the farther the range of the mortar
round. The higher the cursor the closer the motor round will land to the
building. So when the target is far away aim as low as possible and as the
target approaches aim a little bit higher. Also keep the mortar lined up with
the center of the target.

You have to destroy the tanks using the mortar or the bazooka before they can
get right next to the building. Start out aiming as low as possible then
slowly adjust the cursor higher until you hit the tank. Only use the bazooka
when the tanks are very close to the building. The further away the target the
less damage the bazooka shell will inflict.

Man the south mortar first. There will be two tanks coming from the south.
After those two tanks are destroyed go to the west mortar. There will be 2
tanks coming from the west. Then there will be 1 tank from the south. If you
can't quickly destroy both west tanks then switch to the south tank then go
back to the other west tank. The last waves will be 2 tanks from the south and
2 tanks from the west.

Step by step:
1) Go to the south mortar and move the cursor all the way to the bottom.
Aim for the south tank on the right and start firing right away.
2) Move the cursor just above the top of the mortar barrel and start firing at
the south tank on the left.
3) Go to the west mortar and move the cursor all the way to the bottom, and
start firing at the west tank on the right.
4) Go to the south mortar, move the cursor all the way to the bottom, and fire
at the single south tank.
5) Go to the west mortar, move the cursor all the way to the bottom, and fire
on the remaining west tank.
6) Go to the south mortar, move the cursor all the way to the bottom, and fire
on the south tank to the right.
7) Move the cursor over the south tank to the left and fire.
8) Go to the west mortar, move the cursor to about treetop level or higher and
fire on the west tank on the right.
9) Keep the mortar at the treetop level and fire on the last tank.

[X] Objective Complete: Repel the Tank Attack[/QUOTE]

If you still cant manage you might want to turn a cheat on for a bit till u get past it. I've been meaning to post these things on mohaa...they will be on there eventually.

Cheat mode:
Note: v1.11 or higher of the game is required. Start the game with the "\moh_spearhead.exe" +set cheats 1 +set ui_console 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1 command. Start a single player game, then press ~ to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

EDIT: you may need to replace "\moh_spearhead.exe" with the breakthrough exe one...havent done this myself so it might be right or u might have to play with it a bit.

Effect - Code:

God mode - dog
Full health - fullheal or fullheald
All weapons and ammunition - wuss
No clipping mode - noclip
Remove target - notarget
Third person view toggle - cg_3rd_person
List inventory - listinventory
Teleport to indicated location - tele
Level select - map
Level completed - fadeout
Restart level - restart
List maps - maplist
Display current coordinates - coord
Set health - health
Suicide - kill
List models for Allies - playermodel
Set walking speed - set sv_walkspeed
Set gravity - set sv_gravity

YES!!!! Finally killed them dang tanks!!! Your advice on how to aim the mortars paid off. I know that patience is the key to winning some of the battles in MOHAA, but I was about to go crazy with this one. Thank alot for all you help!!


I get all four ahem, 5 tanks with either the mortor or bazooka, fine now out of the blue I have 4 more tank approaching all @ once from BOTH sides. I can't knock em out fast enough. What the ehck is going on, here some bug happening? They won't stop comming till they reach the wall then game over.. U lose! What's a fella ta do Now!

Thanx for the help in advance!

If you follow Matrix223's advice posted to my original delima, it should help you tremendously in getting through this very difficult battle. It sounds to me like you are having the same problem I had before I was able to finally beat this level. I wanted to choke that dam Cpt. in the building with me, the son of a gun didn't fire one dang round. At any rate, be patient and you will make it through. Maybe knowing that you get a weeks R and R with the local hootchie mama fraulines after you kill all of the tanks will be of some incentive for you...........(hehe) good luck!!! :)