Breakthrough error message

I keep running out of ammo trying to protect Klaus while he is picking the door lock on the rooftop. So, I tried to activate the cheat codes by using this command in the icon startup: "D:\Game Programs\EA Games\MOHAA\moh_Breakthrough.exe" +set cheats 1 +set ui_console 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1

After starting the program and loading where I last saved, I enter the console and type "wuss" (no quotes) and then I get this message: "You must run the server with `+set cheats 1' to enable this command".

Of course, I have checked my syntax and spelling 3 times and everything looks fine. I have installed patch 2.40b. Any suggestions?

Yes I agree. I have done exactly the same thing repeatedly to still have the must run the thing in server. Well... When I attempt to rename/direct this on the server, the game won't run at all. There must be something else that has to be done.

Please help :P

Ok I FINALLY got thru this sequence. I had to make it through the secure the fortress level and insure I had an MP 40 then killed all the guards, locked the door and survived it.

Was a tough one though :P :)

I am unaware of cheats that work with breakthrough, as I played the game start to finish without them. However, if you desperatly need to cheat, I suggest you try using Pizza's trainer:

Hope this helps.

Enable Option
Y Infinite Health
U Infinite Ammo
I Infinite Armor
B Resume All Back To Normal

NOTE: You'll have to reactivate when you load a new level/map