Your Favourite/Least Fav. Missions from IGI 2 ? Debate


I want this thread to be like an in depth a debate for the IGI 2 and IGI 1 hardcore fans out there, so please post your opinions.

First of all, I'll try to give to give my insights on the IGI 2 Covert Strike missions from Ukraine, Lybia, the Spratley Islands, China and i'll also try to mention the aspects that worked IMO and the and the aspects that [again imo] didn't really worked for the game. So here we go:


1) Infiltration - This is a perfect opener. Great cold night atmosphere, great layout with a very cool enemy compound. It's a very basic mission, with a simple infiltration, it's easy to avoid detection. Overall very good introduction to the game

2) Deep In The Mines - Again, amazing atmosphere (here the deep underground mine drilling sounds worth every penny imo). This mission rules because you learn how incredibly sensitive the enemies can be compared to the first game (where they were really dumb sometimes). Given the fact that you can finish the mission with only one certain victim that mission rules in my book. And the action on the full-speed driving trains in the long tunnel just fucking slays.

3) The Weather Station - The only "cold snowy russian winter" type of mission from IGI 2. Needless to say i was a huge fan of the winter missions from IGI 1 and this new one is great too. The enviroment and the landscapes are truly fantastic, great music too and wind sounds and heavy snowfall towards the end of the mission..etc. The mission it's pretty linear in itself and can be resolved with massive shootouts but i still like it. alot.

4) Bridge Across The Dnestr - IMO this is where the developers totally fucked up. This mission is really poorly designed (the graphics rule as always but that's another thing), the plot is illogical and the violence required is pointless and over-the-top = You need to kill at least 10-15 people to finish this mission. What sucks is how there's like only one entry and one exit from the main compound [unless you wanna get out through the back where you entered], one entry and one exit from the main building with the explosives and the ridiculous idea that you have to steal the detonator that's on a box that's literally surrounded with like 6-10 enemies just doesn't make sense to me.. Then you go to plant the four bombs and at the other end of the bridge there are some snipers who never see you! really pointless stupid mission. Could've been done alot better. Also there is no "avoiding camera suspense" which sucks.

5) Ambush - This is where you have to do massive amounts of shooting & killing. If you finished the previous mission with enough amunition then it's not gonna be a problem. The enemy soldiers are just waiting near the few trucks and there's also a ridiculously stupid APC. I took 2 Dragunov rifles from the idiot snipers across the bridge problem.

Another major flaw is that enemy reinforcements arrive only after you complete the final objective and run to the extraction point so they're totally pointless. I think you should've had a time limit after in this mission in other words, you should've been forced to act out real quick before the reinforcement helicopters would land and kill you.

6) Production Facility - Classic IGI man!! truly classic. I've spend so much time trying to figure out wich enemyies should i snipe first and how to aproach had a real blast. This is the mission that reminds me of the first IGI the most. And the ending cut-scene were Quest and White betray you was really cool. I never like the fuckers in the first place. Very good plot IMO.

7) Border Crossing - nice on-the-run type of mission with a lot of otherwise necessary crouching, sneaking and hiding and this is where we go to another major flaw of the game: It's very cool that you can hid in a bush but it's really unexplainable how several times i managed to slaughter like over 20 enemy soldiers that were running around and even through the same bush i was hiding in!! That shit was unreal. I was firing my AK47 at guys that were 1-2 meters away and nobody could see me just because i was in a fucking bush..come on! Overall the mission has absolutely nothing on the first classic Border Crossing from IGI 1.

well that's it for now. I'll post the second and third parts later..

OK ... here we go with my opinions for IGI2 !

01 - Infiltration
Like this level very much. Nice late evening setting, generally well laid out, except i don't really know why the two guards and the shack with the grenades is located where it is out the back. Two bugs i've noticed is that the camera at the end of the long conveyor spanning the river can detect you even when its not pointing at you, and in the building where the long conveyor starts, its very noisy, and yet if you shoot either guard, the other guard can still here the shot like normal. Oh, and in the intro clip for this level, why do the guards speak in english ? But i love the parachute jump sequence and the intro music.

02 - Deep In The Mines
Not a great fan of this level. Not much really happens. I wanna know why there is a guy just standing around in the toilet !

03 - The Weather Station
Love the snow levels - but there's only one in IGI2 ! :( . This is a nice level generally. I love sliding down the mountains in crawl mode ! The final area with the three buildings and the guards is nicely done. One bug - if you start cutting the door hinges off, then abort after two hinges say, if you do the action again, why do you have to cut off the hinges you've already removed ? The action should have locked til the end, similar to the neck breaking action. Another bug is if the soldiers in that final area want to set off the alarm via the button, they do it from the inside of the building, even though the button is on the outside wall.

04 - Bridge Across The Dnestr
I quite like playing this level, apart from the fact you start so faraway, and as mentioned, the objectives seem poorly located. But i like the landscape, the layout of the terrain. And the M16 with grenade launcer is always a fun weapon !

05 - Ambush
This level is rather good too, apart from the fact its a bit short. Also, as mentioned, the choppers that come in seem pointless, as they are on the other side from your extraction and considering they are gunships, why don't they attack the IGI helicopter when it comes in ? I also never understood why, if an RPG can take out an APC, why you can't destroy a helicopter with it.

06 - Production Facility
Very nice level, with lots in it. Well designed generally and fun to play. And another guard stationed in the toilets ! Seems to be a common theme ! The outer wall is poorly designed though, considering snipers are stationed in the corners - as there is only one ladder to access about 85%-90% of the wall, the guard in the front right position has a hell of a walk to get in place !

07 - Border Crossing.
Found this level dull. Just a big run from one end to the other. Also, if the chopper sees you, the APC's become far too sensitive. The standing in the bush firing and not being seen thing is a common "bug" throughout the game. Also the Gunship not attacking the IGI chopper rears its head again.

08 - Libyan Rendezvous
I hate levels with things you can't control, like that dumbass Libyan. Why is'nt he armed with a silenced pistol and why does'nt he behave with caution. Knob jockey. As for the level, its quite good, but there are some weird bits, like there is a section in the NW corner accessible via an arch which contains three guards and a sniper guy, but is totally in the wrong place and has no bearing on the level. In the final building, Priboi is upstairs, and yet only two of the guards from downstairs will go upstairs - any of the others who turn up won't use the stairs. Finally, Priboi is supposed to be sitting on a bomb, however, when the alarm has gone off whilst i was just about to enter his room, not only does he stand up, but he is armed with an AK47 which mysteriously appeared. Also, if you kill all the soldiers beforehand, then reach Priboi, where do the three dudes come from so quickly in the closing clip who arrest you? Having said that, i have played this level a few times, because i like seeing how far i can explore the rooftops - i've even managed to get on top of the wall that encloses the inner compound with the truck you blow up.

09 - Prison Escape.
One of my fave levels, and one i've played over and over again. Love the layout. I exit the inner compound without using the sewers (anyone sussed that yet ?). I love running round the level on the walls or atop the fences. But it has its fair share of bugs, certainly on my system. For a start, any soldier who enters the building next to the big gate between the inner & outer compound (near the alarm point) turns invisible ! Also, the two doors on the inner building which you have to pick to get out cannot be opened from the outside. Also in the inner building, there is a barred door which you pick to reach the stores with the silenced pistol and where Priboi is held ... but none of the guards if they are chasing you can enter this area ! Barred from part of their own prison !? Also, Priboi can act really stupid when he exits the building and there are guards about ... if he ignored them and ran to the truck, he'd get there no problem, but if a guard shoots at him, he stands around firing the occasional shot. Sitting target or what !? Also on this level, it contains the PSG-1 Sniper rifle, and the PSG-1SD, which is the same, but fitted with a silencer/suppresser - and yet why is the ammo not interchangeable ? Also, in the movie clip at the start of this level, the guard on Priboi's right in the truck (as you look) is carrying a rather large UZI ! :)

10 - Priboi's Villa
Another of my fave levels. Again, i love the layout and way its designed. Played this level loads of time. Its fun to explore - i've been on the roof of the villa and swam round the outside a bit ... and you can also complete this level in a rather sneaky way by entering via the exit gate at the back ! Again, weird how certain groups of guards in each area can't enter other areas, even when its accessible with a door or gate open etc. And i love lobbing grenades in the swimming pool. Pity you can't destroy the TV !

11 - The Airfield
A nice large open level, however its rather sparse, and not enough guards to make it really challenging. Also, there is'nt much to explore (a failing of IGI 2 in my eyes) - all the shacks contain nothing. And in the building with the radio ... another guard standing around in the toilet ! Also, like the Ambush level, the enemy choppers are only activated once you complete something. Also, if one of the chopper guards turns off the pump, i've had instances where another guard follows him and turns it back on ! The objective about destroying the radio is not required to complete the level either.

12 - Zaleb's Stronghold
Another level start starts in rather a fixed way as you ride shotgun. I don't enjoy the first part that much, and in reality the enemy chopper again would surely fire on you itself rather than using a group of guards on board to fire at you ! ... anyway, I prefer it when the chopper lands and you are in control of yourself again. Some of this level is rather silly - some guards just seem to appear in the main building without rhyme or reason, and the guards who are hiding in the garage when you get the case - why are they in there ? I find the best way to do this level is to stay in the chopper and use the machine gun to eliminate the guards and pepper the walls, as the bullets pass through, you can kill everyone on the inside. However, as i said, as you approach the building, more guards will appear from nowhere. Oh yes, and i love the music for this level.

13 - Showdown At The Docks
Another nicely lit night time level, rather large and again much to explore but nothing to find really. Again, it suffers from not enough guards IMO. There are some great dark areas into which you can scuttle though, and the layout is again very good. Jones's escape from his captors is a bit silly though. And Quest and the guards near the truck don't seem to have much mobility !


IGI2 Cont ...

14 - Island Assault
So here we are on the chinese levels ... I quite enjoy playing this level, explored it quite a bit, but there's not much to see really. Found it really difficult first few times, but soon got the hang of it. The guys on this level and onwards seem to be much more accurate than on previous levels. And I love the AUG weapon, really cool, combining good firepower and a zoom. And the SMG secondary weapon for silenced hits. Great combination. And nice lighting for this level.

15 - Air Strike
I've never been a great fan of this level, despite its great layout and scenic landscapes - its too bloody hilly ! I've fallen down so many times its a nightmare until you can establish the paths. Also, the timing between the first two objectives is very precise, not much room for error. Also, there are some areas which have guards (one is right across the river) which have no bearing on the level in reality. Lot of very fast downhill running and steep climbing are the main requirements of this level.

16 - The Ancient Temple
Another fave level. I love the design and the four areas you have to pass through. And the Heat-sensitive Sniper rifle is great for shooting through the walls, but again, as the guards at the front are carrying the same weapon but without the heat sensor bit, why is the ammo not interchangeable ? Also, the guards in the two very upper sniper areas at the front are inaccessible - there's no way for them to get up or down from their positions - i think a ladder is missing ! Anyway, i love playing this level, sometimes i attempt to make one long dash from the front to the end. ANd i also love the weapon the guards in area 3 (and 4 of the guards in area 4) have - the suppressed machine gun AMG64 or whatever it is - rather clunky and looking like an old STEN gun, but i love its "phut-phut-phut" sound it makes and the fact it is suppresssed - but it goes through a clip rather quickly ! ANd the guard who stands outside the shack in area 2 and never gets excited, even when all hell is breaking loose, makes me laugh ! I've often left him alive and attempted to get him interested, but he won't have it ! Also, there is a bug - Anya says you have to realign the dish so you can communicate with her again, however if you ignore the dish, and go for a walk away from the temple, she'll contact you to say you are moving out of position ! Very clever ! Lovely level though, again nice lighting.

17 - The Secret Weapons Lab
Another level i enjoy ... deceptively large and plenty of guards ... some of which are armed with Minimi's so it can be a bit of shitstorm if you get caught in their fire ! I suppose my only complaint is that as its a secret weapons lab, you'd expect to find more weapons to pick up, rather than the one at the very end from the bad guy. There are lots of areas to explore, although i have encountered bugs where you enter a room but can't leave it as the door switch becomes deactivated for some reason. Again, there's a group of three guards in the toilets ! Also, the second part where you are trapped in a certain area with the guards and Wu Xing on the gantry was annoyingly hard at first, and a bit boring with all the other areas "locked" off. Its also quite interesting how the guards in that last part won't shoot at you through the glass of the cabinets, even though they see you through it ... although you can shoot them - something i've used to my advantage a lot :)

18 - Mission Control
Another level i really enjoy, large and well populated. This level used to be really tough on my graphics card as it had trouble rendering the antenna dishes. The time limit is not too bad, although i don't like them as a rule. There are some oddities in this level - the APC seems to be dormant and never fires on you, the helicopter which takes off if you activate the alarm in certain areas ends up hovering right over your final escape route - and yet does nothing even tho you are a sitting duck. Also, in the L shaped blocks which house the guards in groups of 4, they have a first floor with stairs, and yet the guards won't go up them ! I enjoy playing this level - i once managed to manouever myself so i got the guy with the RPG to blow up the APC, hehe !

19 - The Launch Pad
I enjoyed this level, but found it a bit too easy. Its nicely laid out, and i love being on top of the launch tower with a birds eye view. The thing that i find not very well designed is where the guards come from near the tunnel mouth when you set off the alarm - the front drops down and they just "appear" (although they are there at the start of the level, and you can shoot the guards through the wall which causes the front to drop and you can pick up an RPG and blow up the APC while its stationary !). There is a guard on this level with an RPG that i've never worked out where he comes from - he's near the area where you start, usually on the otherside of the road near the gate, and is always on his own. Weird. It did'nt take long to suss this level, and this was the first level i got "David Jones" status on. I also took a while to suss there were two fuel pump hand wheels to engage, not one !

OK, watch out for my IGI1 levels next ! :)

Yeah dude review the IGI 1 levels. I finished the game like 10-15 times on my old machine but now i can't play it on the new computer because i can't see the target, ladder signs..etc..etc..Very, very fucked up stuff.

I had trouble with IGI1 on my new PC as well - it would'nt run at all due to my graphics card having a secondary display function, which apparently caused DirectX to fuck up. But i disabled it and it works fine, although the graphics are'nt quite right. But i don't suffer from missing visuals thing like you do !

IGI1 coming soon ! I have some interesting things you might like to hear ! :)

At last! Some IGI 1&2 fans! :)

Here's a couple of alternate routes I've found in my re-playing adventures.

Infiltration - Another way to complete this mission is to run immediately to the right (or the left too!), way around the outside of the compound, slink down by the river, swim across the river and come up the other side. There is steep portion on the right side of the bridge that is possible to climb up. You can take out the two guards & camera there, and then proceed around the back of the mining compound... it chops off a lot of time and avoids many hostiles.

Weather Station - From the start position you can head downhill, sliding on your stomach for safety's sake. Your aim is to go down, and then across, aiming for the valley up hill to your right, at about a two o'clock position. If you manage to get there, then keep running up that valley (it helps to zig zag up the steep slope) all the way up to the peak. You will be across the ridge from the first sniper house, and all 5 guards will be in a line, waiting for the action to begin. You can crouch/sneak up behind them and twist each of their necks. :D Very satisfying!

I can't add much else, I've only recently started trying to replay the game on hard. Although I've played through several other FPS games, I keep coming back to IGI 2. I really wish IGI 1 worked on my newer computer, but it doesn't! :(

Haha I see you like the music from "Zaleb's Stronghold" too. I think it's fantastic!