What do the enemy say in IGI-2 ?


I've always wanted to know ... the enemy in IGI-2 have their own unique phrases depending on who they are (there are three types - eastern european, arabic and chinese) ... when they lob grenades or sight you, i've got so used to the phrases they use ... has anybody ever translated what they say into english ? A couple of the common phrases sound like "soh-deeo-day" (chinese lobbing grenade) "tacky-en-ard", "lars-em-bo" (chinese), "Enzaar", "al-who-err", "kareem" (arabic) ... i've often wondered exactly what they say ...

Ya, after all, if its an insult it would just pump you up to put that extra bullet in them :) anyone know?

QUOTE: We just posted a bunch of macros and some guides on the WOW page: http://wow.gamegate2k.com

see if those dont help.
I did'nt quite grasp what that means ... could you please explain a bit further ?

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I think it's very cool the enemies use many expressions in their native language - it give a real vibe to the game and it's very cool and also funny. I figured out you have to recognize a few words because it will help you in many cases. The most common danger is when the soldiers start throwing grenades or flashbangs at you:

The Russians say - "Grenada!" = Grenade. It is very importand to know this one, at least this one...because they throw a lot of grenades and you have to run pretty fast or you'll get killed

The Arabs say something like "Koombelah!" - probably meaning "bomb" - but it's usualy just a flashbang which makes you blind for a few seconds

The Chinese say something like "So-You-Deh!" - Needless to say..when you hear this just RUN because they're damn good at this thing

Also they use many other words and expressions and i got used to them but i don't know exactly what they mean..for example when the arab guards say "MAHAJAAH!" you don't have to worry too much because it's like they aren't sure if they saw something.

However, when the Russian dudes shout something like "TREBOGAA!!!" - they're definitely alerted and you should get moving.

I believe the russian enemies use these phrases:
- kud (or) otkud dosao? - means "where he came from?"
- nepriatel! - means "enemy!"
- posmatrai teritoriu - means "watch the territory"
- umri! - means "die!"
- granada - well, that's easy... :)
- are there any other?

Welll ... the last few weeks i've had an asian guy working in our office as a contractor ... so i recorded some of the phrases from the chinese missions of IGI2. and asked him to translate the mandarin if he could ... this what he came up with:

"Nash-ah-shay" - Who is that ?
"Jens-hahg-igg-ah-choo-ree" - Search this place !
"Had-e-nari" - Where is he ?
"Haj-e-nar" - Where'd he go ?
"Haj-u-nan" - Where did he go ?
"Hag-wah" - Fire !
"Say-chin-ally" - "Where has he gone ?"
"Ser-gee" - Sargeant
"Soh-deo-day" - Grenade ! (pretty obvious really !)
"bowh-du-gad-a-swee" - Protect this post !

I believe the Russian-speaking guys also say something like "shto to buylo?", which means "what was that?"