Re-Installed Game


I was playing I.G.I.-2 but had to unistall due to hd space, yes I have a small hd :( . I got up to the bridge mission. Now I re-installed the game, but it doesn't alow me to load my old profile, nor load my old save games. I don't want to play the game from the start once again. Does anyone know what I should do to access my old save games?

Somtimes games store their saved games in the Documents dir on your comp. Dont think thats the case with this one. You may have specified the uninstaller to delete saved games, or manually deleted the dir.

Alternativly you can do this:
Press [Left Control]+[Left Shift]+[F9] while in the main menu, then click on the 'Play IGI2' option, and all missions will be unlocked.

When I uninstalled the game I checked the option that leaves game saves. As a mater of fact they're still there! I guess the files got corrupted or something. I'll unlock the missions and play from there. Thanks for the tip ;) .