Project IGI 1 Help requires please


I have Project IGI 1 and I can not work out how to climb the ladder in the trainyard (mission 1)

Help Pleeeeeaassssssssseeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regards all
Mayhem 1

Many thanks Matrix but it does [U]NOT[/U] tell me [U]HOW[/U] to climb the ladder :confused:

walk up to the forward button...if that doesnt work its probably just a prop.

Hiya Mate wow what a quick reply!!!

I have tried walking up to it and I have pressed every button but I can not climb it although the walkthrough says I have to.

I personally havent played IGI 1 because to do so i'd have to downgrade my video drivers on any computer I have to play it. :(
Heres another guess which tends to work...try the "e" key...or whatever the action key is. check the button settings in options and it will allow you to see which one that is and/or reset it.
If that doesnt work then I have no idea....anyone else played it......I know Murdo has, but hes offline ATM?