"Prison Escape" - Question about escaping from the inner compound.


Does anybody know if it's possible to get out of the inner compound without using the sewers? I tried to get on the rooftop of the building located in the SE corner of the inner compound but the door was "jammed", i can't open it. Anybody has other idea?

I've done it. Quite easy if you know the secret :p .. in fact, i play the level that way all the time nowadays when playing for fun ....

Hints ?

Well, its that door right enough, and although you can't open it, the guards can - you need to lure one up the stairs so they'll open the door, so you have to leave at least one alive ... What i do is kill the guards inside the cell block noisily and as quickly as possible, then wait at the front door til the two guards from outside come in (the others are coming through the back door) ... as the front door opens, i kill the guard and exit the building, taking out the other guard as well - what I do is go through the gap in the fence and turn right, running around the outside of the prison block clockwise ... you usually get shot at by the sniper guy in the tower and the guard in the smaller tower, but you should be able to get to the wall of the prison block thats in shadow ... by now, the other guards should be milling about inside the prison block ... the secret is to get into the SE building (avoid the sentry cannon by running against the boundary wall/fence so as to be as far away as possible), making sure that you close the doors after you (the front and the one at the bottom of the stairs) ... on the first floor, open the door to the room then leg it up the stairs to the door you can't open ... you need to make noise here (fire a machine gun) when a guard is nearby outside (use the map), then as soon as he makes for the door to investigate, switch to crouch mode and go down the stairs and hide in the room on the first floor - make no noise at all, otherwise the guard will home in on the new position ... sometimes the guards are running, so the closing doors i mentioned earlier make the guards take longer to reach you - you can get into the room behind the door (dont close it, and don't fall down into the lower area near the wall !) and the guard will climb the stairs to your last noise and open the door (use the thermal goggles to verify this) ... from here, you have access to the roof. I always jump onto the fence and run along its length (make sure you are to the left when you pass over the gate otherwise you'll fall through) and jump down into the 4 shacks top retrieve the medikit, but its personal choice, and dependant on where the outer guards are !

There are various ways to do it - i've even done it in stealth mode without being seen ...

I've also tried to get the guards to open some of the other cells in the prison using a similar method ... but they only open one other, that nearest the alarm button .. empty though ! :(

Oh yes - one other thing - don't know if this is a problem with my PC or the game, but when a guard enters the SE building, he turns invisible ! You can still see them on the thermal, and their muzzle fire when they shoot, but only occasionally do they materialise !

Thank you very much man for the detailed answer. I thought i was really good at IGI 1 & 2 and i am pretty damn good but you..you seem to be absolutely crazy, insanely good, to have insane ideas like that. Much respect man! Anyway i also encountered the "invisible man" once (a few days ago) - guards turned invisible inside the SE Building!!! I thought i was fighting the f.....g Predator or something.

Its one of my fave levels, probably the one i've played the most ... you can run along the top of so many of the fences, and in fact, you run along the entire outer wall ! I only wish the guards underground were close enough to show up on the thermograph (they can hear you when you run above them) so i could shoot them through the ground with the Sniper Rifle (that supressed one is ace !) ... also, here's a tip about that supressed sniper rifle ... there are usually two - one the guard holds, and one leaning against the wall ... i always picked them up together, but never realised til recently i was wasting 5 bullets as the most sniper ammo you can carry is 30 (5 in the gun, 25 spare) ... the leaning one carries the max 30, and the one the guard drops has 5 in it .. so don't pick up the guards one til you've fired a full clip from the other and reloaded ! Or, if you pick up the guards one first, don't pick up the leaning one til you've emptied the guards one AND dropped the weapon - if you pick up the leaning one while carrying the guards one when empty, you'll just get the 25 loose bullets, so you'll lose 5 as it does'nt load 5 to the chamber (which i think it should !).