Mission 2 - The Ultimate Walkthrough (Part 4)



Now return to the upper part of the mines via the ventilation shaft. Once again, when nearing its end, switch to WALK mode, else one of the enemies inside the nearby room will hear you. Once you leave the ventilation shaft, switch to CROUCH-WALK mode, and carefully open the doors on the aforementioned room from its right side (see this pic). Don?t go directly in front of the doors! Instead, go around that shelf behind you, and once you have a clear view inside the room, STOP (DON'T GO ANY FURTHER, or one of the guards inside may spot you!).

Now throw one grenade inside the room and immediately strafe a bit to the right, so you won?t be wounded by the blast. Try to throw the grenade in a way that it rebounds from the wall towards the right side of the room (where all the guys are standing), and it should kill them all. Now immediately throw another grenade to the area where the 2 guys are standing near the truck, and then wait for the blast. If you hear someone screaming, just throw the remaining grenade there, and it should finish the job. In case there?s a silence, both guards should be dead. Anyway, if you don?t have any grenade left and there?s still someone of them alive, quickly lie flat in CRAWL mode and finish him/them with your silencer.

Alternatively, you can even kill the AK47 guards using your knife! It?s pretty easy and quick, though not always reproducible. Just position yourself directly in front of the doors (a bit to the left, that is), and then start making noisy steps in WALK or RUN mode till you alert the guys inside. Once they make that characteristic scream of being alerted, immediately switch to CROUCH-WALK mode, quickly open the doors, and hide behind it! The trick is to be hugged to the doors (see this pic), but don?t expose yourself too much, or you?ll be spotted. Now just wait till the guys come out, and hold down the fire button. If everything goes OK, the guards should be running exactly to the place where you?ve been making those noisy steps from (that?s why I told you to stand there!), so you should kill them all as they come ? one by one (see this pic). The 2 guards behind the truck won?t notice a thing. I must say, though, that this tactic won?t always work, firstly because there?s a big risk of being spotted, and secondly because it?s very likely that some of the guards may manage to exit the room without being hit by your knife (even if you hold down the fire button)?


Now you can finally ride that train which will carry you to the ventilation shaft leading to the next level, so go back to the lower part of the mines and use the switch to open the tunnel gates (2nd objective accomplished), and then hit another switch located on the train to get it going (3rd objective accomplished). Note: before riding the train, make sure you have as much grenades as you can and also have the AK47 as your primary weapon (the dead AK47 guards can give you both).

Once the train gets going, quickly jump over to the REAR wagon (this is important!), and then lie flat in CRAWL mode. After cca 15 seconds of ride, a train containing 4 enemies will pop up from the opposite direction. This is a bit strange, because if you hide yourself in the first wagon, the enemies would almost certainly spot you (a bit weird, isn't it?), whereas if you hide yourself in the rear one, they (for some uknown reason) won?t spot you at all?

Now just wait till the train rides you to the ventilation shaft (4th objective completed), and once your and the enemy?s train stops, jump off the wagon?s end in CROUCH-WALK mode (if you do it as described, the enemies won?t spot you). Now carefully approach the enemy train (in CROUCH-WALK, then CRAWL mode), until you get close to the first wagon. There are 2 guys standing in this wagon, both very easy to kill. The one positioned nearer is looking at the opposite direction, so just get close enough to have a decent look at him WHILST his buddy WON?T have a chance to spot you (use the thermal vision/peaking to know this), and then kill him with a headshot from your AK47. The other guy won?t react at all (rather strange, isn?t it?), so just do that thermal-vision-aiming "trick" (the one which you?ve used in the very first mission) to aim at his head, and then fire 1-2 shots through the wagon. You should hear his body falling on the ground, but in case he?s still alive (use the thermal vision to know this), fire another couple of shots to finish him. The other 2 enemies (located in the very first wagon) will hear the shots and stare towards your direction, so just wait for a while till they resume their original guarding positions (use the peaking to know this), and then carefully approach them HUGGED TO THE LEFT SIDE OF THE TRAIN. Now once you?re about 3 m away from the wagon they?re in, STOP! Use the thermal vision to check the position of the guards. You?re going to kill the guy located on the left as first, so once again, use that thermal-vision-aiming ?trick? to aim at his head, and then fire a couple of shots from your AK47 through the wagon. DON'T GO TOO CLOSE TO THE WAGON, or (for some unknown reason) the guy will start shooting at you! Just keep the aforementioned distance, and once he?s dead, do the same to his buddy ? and that?s it! There?s no enemy left for you to kill in this mission, so you can now finally access the ventilation shaft leading to the weather station. Mission 2 accomplished!