Mission 2 - The Ultimate Walkthrough (Part 2)


Anyway, as you?ll see, this blonde guy will always join his buddy at the far end of his patrolling route, but before that, he will also make another ?additional? stop (roughly halfway to his comrade), giving you precious time to reach him and then kill him either with the knife or by twisting his neck. Sometimes, though, he just pauses for a very brief moment, so you?ll have to chase him. If this scenario happens, try to kill him with the knife, or you won?t have the time to reach the other guy before he turns back (alternatively, you can also retreat back to the shack, and wait for another try). In case he stands still a bit longer (happens most of the times), you can even twist his neck and then quickly do the same to the other guy (see this pic). This 2nd guy usually walks straightforward and then stops at the end of his patrolling route much sooner than his blonde buddy, but if you didn?t waste any time killing the blonde guy, you should have just enough time to reach him before he starts walking back. You may even use the WALK mode a bit when approaching this 2nd guy (to be even quicker) and then quickly switch back to CROUCH-WALK as you get closer. This basically depends on where you?ve killed the blonde guy (i.e. if you?ve killed him too close to the other guy, you can only use the CROUCH-WALK mode; if you?ve killed him further from the other guy, use the WALK + CROUCH-WALK combination). But anyway, be careful, because if the 2nd guy hears your steps, your cover will be blown? Sometimes, though, even if he hears you, you may still remain unseen, as he will just spot his buddy?s corpse and then run like a madman towards the nearby alarm switch (i.e. he will ignore you), but this depends highly on luck?

Alternatively, you can just RUN away from the blonde guy?s corpse as far as you can and then quickly lie flat in CRAWL mode. The other guy will of course hear you, but since you?ll be too far from him, he won?t spot you. He will only start running, but once he sees the corpse of his buddy on the ground, he will of course run for an alarm switch ? and this is your time to kill him. This approach has also one considerable advantage ? that is, once he sees his dead buddy on the ground, he WON?T alert any of the nearby guards. How come? If you pay close attention, you?ll see that these 2 guards patrolling the railway are both very sensible. That is, once they hear EVEN ONE CURIOUS SOUND, they?ll immediately start running (contrary to other enemies, who will only stare towards the direction where they?ve heard the sound coming from). But since an alerted enemy in IGI 2 (i.e. an running enemy who was previously walking or standing still) WON?T alert any unalerted guards after noticing the corpse on the ground, you don?t need to worry about it. In other words, once the guy hears your steps, he will be alerted IMMEDIATELY ? and thus he won?t alert the other guys once he notices his buddy?s corpse.

Anyway, there?s also a 3rd approach on how to kill these 2 patrolling guys. It?s pretty simple? Just follow the blonde guy till he stops near his buddy at the far side of their patrolling route, then IMMEDIATELY kill him and ASAP get slightly to the left of the other guy, using strafe keys (see this pic). By doing this, you?ll get as close to him as possible without risk of being seen (since he always turns to the right). In most of the cases, he won?t notice anything except the sound of the corpse falling on the ground. He will only beep something, and then resume his patrolling as if nothing had happened (now that?s what I call an AI!), so just break his neck, and that?s it! If you?re really quick, he won?t even have a chance to say something (see this pic)? It?s a bit strange, since this guy will normally start running once he hears even one curious sound, but here, he will do nothing.

So as you can see, if you can rid yourself of your primary weapon + use the strafe keys, you can have a lot of fun in IGI 2 killing just 2 enemies :)


You can basically have two options on how to kill this guy: either when the nearby cameras are still active, or after you turn them off. Either way, you?ll kill him silently from behind (that is by twisting his neck). As for the first scenario, there?s really not much I can say (since it?s almost childish easy)... But in case you want to kill him now (i.e. when the cameras are still on), the key is to approach him via the RIGHT side of the tracks, else the cameras will notice you. As you?ll see, this guy regularly turns his sight either towards (he stays like this for a long while) or away from the tunnel gate (staying like this for a couple of seconds). Of course, you?ll kill him when he?s looking TOWARDS the gate, so just wait in a safe distance (lying in CRAWL mode) till he turns his sight towards the gate, and then approach him directly, walking on the right side of the tracks (see this pic). There will be a light pole standing in your way (btw, if you hide behind this pole, the guy won?t notice you at all, so you can thus start your approach from a much shorter distance!), so avoid it by strafing to the left, and then resume the direct approach until you?re close enough to the guy. The camera on the left may beep a couple of times, but luckily for you, the nearby light pole will block its view (see this pic), so you can kill the guy without any worries. Once he?s dead, just stand up and then quickly RUN to the right till you?re in a safe distance from the cameras. Alternatively, you may also use the knife to kill this guy, but since the corpse may sometimes fall differently on the ground (which won?t always remain unnoticed by the cameras), I don?t recommend you using this tactic.

Note: You may try to kill this guy BEFORE killing the 2 guys patrolling the railway, and then hide behind the nearby crates and approach them once they start walking away from you (i.e. towards the ventilation shaft), but it depends on luck, since sometimes they can spot his corpse.


Now it?s time to clear the area where the camera terminal is situated. There are 5 guards in the surrounding area: 3 standing by the nearby crates + 1 guard patrolling the area between these 3 guys and the elevator + 1 guard in the room upstairs (where the computer shutting the cameras is).

You?re going to kill the guard inside the computer room as first, so just run around (or better said WALK around) the nearby shack, and then hide behind the nearby crates. Use the peaking to check the position of the patrolling guard, and when he?s moving away, quickly ascend the stairs in CROUCH-WALK mode. When inside the room, use the computer to turn off the security cameras (2nd objective accomplished), grab all the grenades you can from the shelves (if you haven?t any entering this level), and then carefully open the doors to the closet, where the guard is standing. Of course, he will hear the doors opening, but if you open them from its LEFT side (see this pic), there?s no way he can spot you. You?re going to kill this guy from behind, so it?s necessary to have these doors open prior to the killing (if it was shut, he would've heard the opening and turned towards you).

Now exit the room via the stairs (you can also jump off the railing). Once again, pay attention to the patrolling guy before leaving (i.e. wait, till he?s going away from you, and then make your move). Now position yourself somewhere as on this pic, and then make a couple of noisy steps in WALK or RUN mode, which will make the guy inside the room to look towards your direction. AS SOON AS that happens, switch to CROUCH-WALK mode and quickly go back to the room above you (using strafe keys, of course). If you didn?t waste any time, you should reach the guy inside while he is still looking towards the direction where he had heard your steps from (see this pic), so just quickly break his neck ? and he?s gone!